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Basketball Wives
Kid Sister
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What Chilli Wants
Marie Digby
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Sober House With Dr. Drew
Gary Go
"Open Arms"
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What Chilli Wants
Marie Digby
"Come Find Me"
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Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty
The Temper Trap
"Sweet Disposition"
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A Girl Like YouThe Final Reunion 2010
A Heart Will BreakI'm No Hero 1980
A Little in LoveSome People 1989
A Little in LoveI'm No Hero 1980
All My Love (Solo Tu) [Alternate Take][#]Lost and Found (From the Archives) 2009
Amazing GraceHelp It Along 1974
A Misunderstood ManHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
A Misunderstood Man (Reprise)Heathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Anything I Can DoI'm No Hero 1980
Baby You're DynamiteSilver 1983
Bachelor BoyThe Final Reunion 2010
Bachelor BoyMy Songs 2003
Bachelor BoyHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
Be in My HeartNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Better DayStronger 1989
Better Than I Know MyselfRockspell 2003
Better Than I Know MyselfWired for Sound 1981
Better Than I Know MyselfWalking in the Light 1984
Be With Me AlwaysHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Be With Me Always (Reprise)Heathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Blowin' in the WindKinda Latin 1966
Blueberry Hill32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
Blueberry Hill32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
Blue MoonListen to Cliff! 1959
Blue Moon [Edit]Me and My Shadows/Listen to Cliff 1960
Broken DollWired for Sound 1981
Brother to BrotherAlbum 1993
Butterfly KissesRockspell 2003
Butterfly KissesReal as I Wanna Be 1999
Butterfly KissesHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Can't Keep This Feeling InReal as I Wanna Be 1999
Can't Take the Hurt AnymoreGreen Light 1978
CarrieRemember Me 2004
CarrieSome People 1989
CarrieRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
CarrieWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
Christmas AlphabetTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Christmas Never ComesTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Cities May FallRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Clear Blue SkiesStronger 1989
Climbing up Mount EverestReal as I Wanna Be 1999
CongratulationsRemember Me 2004
CongratulationsDynamite 2007
ConstantlyDynamite 2007
Count Me OutGreen Light 1978
Daddy's HomeSome People 1989
Daddy's HomeWired for Sound 1981
Dancing ShoesHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
Dancing ShoesThe Final Reunion 2010
Devil WomanI'm Nearly Famous 1976
Devil WomanSome People 1989
Devil WomanThank You Very Much 1979
Devil WomanRemember Me 2004
Dicitencello VuieWhen in Rome 1965
DiscoveringRockspell 2003
DiscoveringNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Doing FineRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Doing FineWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
Don't Talk to HimRemember Me 2004
Don't Talk to HimMy Songs 2003
Don't Talk to HimThe Final Reunion 2010
Don't Turn the Light OutEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
DonnaCliff 1959
DonnaRock Connection 1984
DonnaSilver 1983
DonnaCliff/Cliff Sings 2001
Do You Wanna DanceThank You Very Much 1979
Do You Wanna DanceHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
Do You Wanna DanceThe Final Reunion 2010
Dreamin'I'm No Heroplay video1980
Dreamin'Remember Me 2004
Dreamin'Some People 1989
Dream TomorrowHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
DynamiteRock Connection 1984
DynamiteDynamite 2007
DynamiteThe Final Reunion 2010
Each to His OwnHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Ease AlongGreen Light 1978
Even If It Breaks My HeartReal as I Wanna Be 1999
Evergreen TreeMe and My Shadows 1960
Evergreen TreeMe and My Shadows/Listen to Cliff 1960
Everybody KnowsStronger 1989
Every Face Tells a StoryWalking in the Light 1984
Every Face Tells a Story (It Never Tells a Lie)Rockspell 2003
EverymanI'm No Hero 1980
Fallin' in LuvRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Fallin' in LuvWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
First DateNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Forever You Will Be MineStronger 1989
Forty Days21 Today 1961
Free My SoulGreen Light 1978
From a DistanceRockspell 2003
From a Distance [Live]Healing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Front PageSilver 1983
Give a Little Bit MoreI'm No Hero 1980
Give Me Love Your WayEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
Good on the Sally ArmySmall Corners 1977
Green LightGreen Light 1978
Gypsy BundleHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Had to BeReal as I Wanna Be 1999
Had to BeHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Handle My Heart with LoveAlbum 1993
Have I Told You Lately That I Love YouLove Is Forever 1965
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasCliff at Christmas 2003
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Healing LoveAlbum 1993
Healing LoveHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Heart UserRock Connection 1984
Help It AlongHelp It Along 1974
Here (So Doggone Blue)I'm No Hero 1980
Hey Mr. DreammakerEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
High Class BabyThe Final Reunion 2010
Higher GoundHelp It Along 1974
His LandHis Land 1970
His LandHis Land 1970
Hold OnSilver 1983
Hold Us TogetherMy Songs 2003
Hold Us TogetherAlbum 1993
Hot ShotRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Hot ShotWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
How Wonderful to Know21 Today 1961
Human Work of ArtAlbum 1993
I'm Nearly FamousI'm Nearly Famous 1976
I'm No HeroI'm No Hero 1980
I'm the Lonely OneThe Final Reunion 2010
I Do Not Love You IsabellaHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
I Do Not Love You Isabella (Bridge)Heathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
I Need LoveAlbum 1993
In the NightI'm No Hero 1980
I Still Believe in YouAlbum 1993
It's Alright NowI'm Nearly Famous 1976
It's No Use PretendingI'm Nearly Famous 1976
It Has to Be You, It Has to Be MeNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
I Wake Up Cryin'32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
I Wake Up Cryin'32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
I Wish We'd All Been ReadySmall Corners 1977
I Wish You'd Change Your MindI'm Nearly Famous 1976
JoannaStronger 1989
Junior CowboyI'm Nearly Famous 1976
Just Don't Have the HeartStronger 1989
Just Don't Have the Heart [*][Instrumental]Stronger 1989
Keep Me WarmStronger 1989
La GonaveRockspell 2003
La GonaveMy Songs 2003
La GonaveRock Connection 1984
Language of LoveRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Language of LoveWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
Lean on YouStronger 1989
Lessons in LoveThe Young Ones 1961
Little Bittty Pretty OneRock Connection 1984
Little Bitty Pretty OneSilver 1983
Little TownCliff at Christmas 2003
Little TownNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Little TownTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Living DollThe Final Reunion 2010
Living DollRemember Me 2004
Locked Inside Your PrisonSilver 1983
Lost in a Lonely WorldRockspell 2003
Lost in a Lonely WorldWired for Sound 1981
Lost in a Lonely WorldWalking in the Light 1984
Love's SalvationAlbum 1993
Love Is the Strongest EmotionAlbum 1993
LoversI'm Nearly Famous 1976
Lovers and FriendsRock Connection 1984
Love StealerSilver 1983
LucilleRock Connection 1984
LucilleSilver 1983
Lucky LipsRemember Me 2004
Lucky LipsHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
Lucky LipsThe Final Reunion 2010
Magic Is the MoonlightCliff Richard 1965
Makin' HistoryRock Connection 1984
Making HistorySilver 1983
Marked With DeathHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Miss You NightsRemember Me 2004
Miss You NightsI'm Nearly Famous 1976
Miss You NightsSome People 1989
Miss You NightsThank You Very Much 1979
Mistletoe and WineCliff at Christmas 2003
Mistletoe and WineTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Monday Thru' FridayRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Monday Thru FridayWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
Move ItCliff 1959
Move ItThe Final Reunion 2010
Move ItThank You Very Much 1979
Move ItRock Connection 1984
Move ItSilver 1983
Move ItCliff/Cliff Sings 2001
Moving In [*]Rock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Mr. BusinessmanHelp It Along 1974
Must Be LoveEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
My Foolish HeartLove Is Forever 1965
My Kinda LifeEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
My Luck Won't ChangeRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
My Pretty OneSome People 1989
My Pretty OneAlways Guaranteed 1987
Never Be Anyone Else But YouRock Connection 1984
Never Be Anyone Else But YouSilver 1983
Never Even ThoughtGreen Light 1978
Never Let GoAlbum 1993
Never Say DieSome People 1989
Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)Silver 1983
Now You See Me, Now You Don'tNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Ocean DeepSilver 1983
Oh No, Don't Let GoWired for Sound 1981
Once in a WhileWired for Sound 1981
Only AngelAlbum 1993
Our Day Will ComeKinda Latin 1966
Outsider21 Today 1961
Over YouMy Songs 2003
Over YouRock Connection 1984
Peace in Our TimeRockspell 2003
Peace in Our TimeAlbum 1993
Peace in Our TimeHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Please Don't Fall in LoveSome People 1989
Please Don't Fall in LoveSilver 1983
Please Don't TeaseThank You Very Much 1979
Please Don't TeaseThe Final Reunion 2010
Please Remember MeGreen Light 1978
Power to All Our FriendsRemember Me 2004
Quiet Nights of Quiet StarsKinda Latin 1966
Quizas Quizas QuizasWhen in Spain 1963
Real as I Wanna BeReal as I Wanna Be 1999
Remember MeRemember Me 2004
Remember MeSome People 1989
Remember MeAlways Guaranteed 1987
Reunion of the HeartRockspell 2003
Reunion of the HeartAlways Guaranteed 1987
Right Here WaitingWanted 2002
Santa's ListCliff at Christmas 2003
Saviour's DayCliff at Christmas 2003
Saviour's DayTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Saviour's DayHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Scarlet RibbonsTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Sci-FiRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
Sci-FiWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
Share a DreamStronger 1989
She's a GipsyGreen Light 1978
She Makes Me Feel Like a ManReal as I Wanna Be 1999
She Means Nothing to MeRock Connection 1984
Shooting from the HeartRock Connection 1984
Silent NightCliff at Christmas 2003
Silent NightTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Silver's Home TonightSilver 1983
Sing a Song of FreedomHelp It Along 1974
Snowfall on the SaharaReal as I Wanna Be 1999
SomedayLove Is Forever 1965
Some PeopleRemember Me 2004
Some PeopleSome People 1989
Some PeopleAlways Guaranteed 1987
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful WorldHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Son of ThunderNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Son of ThunderHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
SpidermanEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
Stronger Than ThatStronger 1989
Summer HolidayRemember Me 2004
Summer HolidayHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
Summer HolidayThe Final Reunion 2010
Summer RainRockspell 2003
Summer RainWired for Sound 1981
Summer RainWalking in the Light 1984
Take Another LookI'm No Hero 1980
The Best of MeStronger 1989
The Christmas SongCliff at Christmas 2003
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)Together With Cliff Richard 1991
The Day I Met MariaRemember Me 2004
The Day I Met MarieThank You Very Much 1979
The Day I Met Marie [Alternate Take][#]Lost and Found (From the Archives) 2009
The Gambling SongHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
The Golden Days Are OverSilver 1983
The Minute You're GoneRemember Me 2004
The Minute You're GoneDynamite 2007
The Next TimeHits From the Original Soundtrack of Summer Holiday Includes Lucky Lips 1963
The Next TimeThe Final Reunion 2010
The NightmareHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
The Only Way OutSome People 1989
The Only Way OutRockspell 2003
The Only Way OutNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
The Sleep of the GoodHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
The Water Is WideNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
The WinnerRockspell 2003
The WinnerMy Songs 2003
The Young OnesThe Final Reunion 2010
The Young OnesRemember Me 2004
The Young OnesThe Young Ones 1961
The Young OnesThank You Very Much 1979
Thief in the NightNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
This New YearTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Try a SmileEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
Two HeartsAlways Guaranteed 1987
Under Lock and KeyGreen Light 1978
Under the GunRockspell 2003
Under the Gun [*]Always Guaranteed 1987
Up in the WorldEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
Venite (O Come All Ye Faithful)Together With Cliff Richard 1991
VisionsThe Final Reunion 2010
VisionsRemember Me 2004
We Don't Talk AnymoreWe Don't Talk Anymoreplay video1979
We Don't Talk AnymoreSome People 1989
We Don't Talk AnymoreRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
We Don't Talk AnymoreRemember Me 2004
We Should Be TogetherCliff at Christmas 2003
We Should Be TogetherTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
When My Dreamboat Comes Home32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
When My Dreamboat Comes Home32 Minutes & 17 Seconds 1962
When the Girl in Your ArmsThe Young Ones 1961
When Two Worlds Drift ApartEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
When You Thought of MeHeathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
When You Thought of Me (Reprise)Heathcliff Live (The Musical) 1996
Where Do We Go from HereRockspell 2003
Where Do We Go from HereNow You See Me...Now You Don't 1982
Where You AreMy Songs 2003
While She's YoungGreen Light 1978
White ChristmasCliff at Christmas 2003
White ChristmasTogether With Cliff Richard 1991
Who's in LoveStronger 1989
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnCliff 1959
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnCliff/Cliff Sings 2001
Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music)Small Corners 1977
Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music)Thank You Very Much 1979
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good MusicHealing Love (Songs Of Inpiration) 2007
Wide Open SpaceI Just Don't Have the Heart 1989
Wide Open Space [*]Stronger 1989
Wild Geese [*]Always Guaranteed 1987
Willie and the Hand JiveThank You Very Much 1979
Willie and the Hand JiveRock Connection 1984
Willie and the Hand JiveThe Final Reunion 2010
Wired for SoundSome People 1989
Wired for SoundWired for Sound 1981
Wired for SoundRemember Me 2004
Wonderful LifeWonderful Life 1963
Yesterday, Today, ForeverAlways Guaranteed 1987
Yesterday, Today, ForeverHelp It Along 1974
You, Me and JesusWalking in the Light 1984
You've Got Me WonderingEvery Face Tells a Story 1977
You've Got to Give Me All Your Lovin'I'm Nearly Famous 1976
You Know That I Love YouRock'n'Roll Juvenile 1979
You Know That I Love YouWe Don't Talk Anymore 1979
You Move HeavenAlbum 1993
Young LoveWired for Sound 1981