Advertising Specs Specs

Audio/Video Advertisements

Click Thru/Alt. Text

Top Layer

Ad Sales Contacts Specs

Banner Skyscraper Pop-Ups
728 W x 90 H pixels 160 W x 600 H pixels 400 W x 400 H pixels (max)
File Size
gif / jpg: 20 Kb
Flash: 39 Kb
File Size
gif / jpg: 20 Kb
Flash: 39 Kb
File Size
gif / jpg: 39 Kb
Flash: 39 Kb

336x280 Billboard
(Selected News pages)
180x150 Billboard
(Portal index pages)
336 W x 280 H pixels 180 W x 150 H pixels
File Size
gif / jpg: 20 Kb
Flash: 39 Kb
3rd Parties may "polite stream"
an additional 109k. Total:150k
File Size
gif / jpg: 20 Kb
Flash: 39 Kb

Homepage Ads
(No rich media on homepage)
180 W x 150 H pixels 728 W x 90 H pixels
File Size
gif / jpg: 20Kb
Flash: 39 Kb
File Size
gif / jpg: 20Kb
Flash: 39 Kb

Click Thru URL and Alternative Text

A linking URL (click thru) must be submitted for each ad creative. Alternative text is optional (150 character limit).

Banner File Format

GIF, JPEG or SWF files must be used
(please see below for important process for tracking click thrus with flash)

Rich Media

The HTML for the ad cannot require a space larger than the maximum allowed ad size (see above for dedicated pixel size). <HTML>, <BODY>, <HEAD>, hard breaks (carriage returns) or alignment tags should NEVER be included. White spaces must be eliminated.

  1. Advertiser must provide both Flash and JPG versions of creative that is subject to VH1 Online creative approval.
  2. VH1 Online will implement a plug-in sniffer script - users without the Flash plug-in will be served the advertiser provided .jpg alternate.
  3. VH1 Online accepts .swf files exported to support the flash 6 plug-ins
  4. Maximum frame rate is 31 fps
Click Thru with Flash

To track when a user clicks within a flash, a ClickTag variable MUST be embedded in the .fla file. please follow this example and instruction

add an invisible button making the entire area of the banners clickable. Attach the following object action to the button:

on (release) {

getURL (clickTag, "_blank");


  • this will embed the clickTag variable in the FLA file. This allows the click-through URL to be modified at any time during a campaign, as opposed to hard-coding the click command in the .swf file. Target="_blank" is required in the "Basic actions" to make sure the click thru opens a new window.

  • Note: The implementation is different for each version of Flash, please refer to Macromedia documentation for specific instructions and syntax for using the clickTag variable and the getURL action.


    also reference:
    client should follow these instructions and coordinate with VH1 Ad Ops before sending the .swf file.


    All rich media banner materials must be received at least ten business days prior to the start date for testing purposes.

    All other file formats are accepted on a case by case basis pending testing.

    • VH1 Online accepts third-party served ads but requires a ten business day lead time for testing purposes.
    • Advertisers must send all creative to VH1 Online at least two(2) business days prior to flight date. VH1 Online must approve all creative running with third party tags.
    • VH1 online requires that all third party served rich media campaigns must have alternate GIF versions of creative available.
    • VH1 Online is NOT responsible for developing programming scripts to ensure compatibility with third party serving software. Any materials necessary to insure compatibility must be provided by advertisers or their third-party serving agent.
    • VH1 Online reserves the right to terminate a campaign at any indication that it is not being properly served.
    Interstitials: Pop Up Windows and Floating Ads
    • Maximum Dimensions: 400W x 400H
    • Flash File Size: 39K
    • GIF File Size: 39K
    • will not appear on the homepage
    General Considerations
    • Rich Media: .GIF alternate must be supplied to accommodate browsers with out the Plug-in
    • Any sound must be user initiated by click, not mouse over.
    • VH1 Online must approve all ads
    • VH1 Online must approve all promotional copy within banners.
    • VH1 Online reserves the right to apply a frequency cap to daughter window campaigns.
    • MTVi is not able to serve rich media ads onto pages built in an in-house proprietary language and pages built with forms. Pages affected by this include flipbook pages, sweepstakes entry pages, polling pages, and any type of form voting/submission page.

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