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TopLayer Specs

Refer to the example below for a visual representation of TopLayer ad design. We believe this example makes great use of real estate on File Size: 50k
Click here for an example of "TopLayer" technology

Lead Time
  • Creative concepts must be submitted for discussion and review 7 days prior to production.
  • Creative must be submitted for QA and approval 7 days prior to flight launch.
File Size
  • 80k Max Initial Load (we recommend 39k)
    3rd Parties may polite stream an additional 920k/961k.

    Total: 1MB***

Frequency Cap
  • ad will have a frequency cap of once per user session
General Considerations
  • ad must have a clear "close" button
  • sound should be user initiated
  • ad should only appear on IE 5.0 and higher (until further notice)
  • prefers ads to not directly cover editorial, but the ad executes within dedicated ad spaces or over pictures.
  • No window.onLoad functions
  • No ads that include applets without full q/a time from MTVN
  • ***Target these to only high-bandwidth users only
  • Traffic will try to put all "polite stream" ads into the same tile category so our pages will never load a floating ad and an in page ad unit that both have polite streaming after initial load
  • We can also put them on the test site to test out and send to Q/A before putting live
Traffic Contact
Jason Baird
phone: 212.846.4476

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