Heeeeeeeere’s Leno!


Jay_lenoSANTA MARIA, Calif. – Jay Leno, who has been subpoenaed for Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial, wants the judge to lift or clarify a gag order that could keep the comedian from one of his most vital sources of punchlines.

See Jay, it’s all fun and games making fun of accused child molesters UNTIL you get subpoenaed, isn’t it?

I just hope that this doesn’t become a trend. I mean, what would happen if other Jay Leno punchlines went to trial and he got subpoenaed for those too?

Anna Nicole Smith?

J-Lo’s ass?

Kevin Eubanks?

Lorena Bobbitt (still)?

I hope they stay out of trouble, otherwise Jay might have to come up with some new material.

I also wonder what Jay’s going to be like during the trial if he has to testify. When he gets called to the stand is he going to run out and give high fives to everybody in the front row? Every time he tells a bad joke under oath is he going to turn to Kevin Eubanks and repeat it a few times? Is he going to look off camera for one of his writers to tell him what to say? And most importantly, when E! does their re-enactment of the whole thing, who are they going to get to play Jay Leno? I bet if they try really hard, they might be able to get… Jay Leno.

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