Going Up for the Rebound



  • Name: Katie Holmes
  • Previous Relationship: Engaged to Chris Klein
  • Possible Rebound Pickup Line: "Katie, I don’t want to wait for this life to be over, I want to know right now what will it be?"


  • Name: Rebecca Romijn
  • Previous Relationship: Married to John Stamos
  • Possible Rebound Pickup Lines: "Hi, how are you? I was never a member of the Beach Boys." or "Baby, you need a real man… a real man who isn’t friends with Bob Saget."  or "I’m glad you lost the Stamos… from your name, that is."


  • Name: Denise Richards
  • Previous Relationship: Married to Charlie Sheen
  • Possible Rebound Pickup Lines: "What has two thumbs and doesn’t pay prostitutes for sex? This guy!" or "I never saw your husband’s TV show, but I hear he plays 1/2 a man. Well, I’m all man, baby." or "I loved you in ‘Starship Troopers.’"


  • Name: Jennifer Aniston
  • Previous Relationship: Married to Brad Pitt
  • Possible Rebound Pickup Line: "I don’t even think Angelina Jolie is the least bit attractive. I know some guys are into big pouty lips, beautiful seductive eyes, and a tight curvy body, but… wait, I’m sorry, what were talking about again?
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