Shannon Elizabeth, enough already


Shannon_elizabethHave you ever noticed how eerily similar Denise Richards and Shannon Elizabeth are? I mean, I can barely tell the two apart. Sure they physically look a little different, but there’s just something about their generic-ness that makes them virtually indistiguishable from one another. It’s kind of like trying to figure out the difference between Wifeswap and Trading Spouses– sure they vary in some ways, but it’s essentially the same crap.

But back to Denise and Shannon. Today when I read that Shannon Elizabeth was separating from her husband, the first thing I thought was, "Umm, didn’t she dump Charlie Sheen last week?" Ahhh, no, that was the other one. Dammit!

You really can’t blame me for having a hard time telling them apart. Check this out:

  • Denise_richards_4Denise Richards starred in Scary Movie 3
  • Shannon Elizabeth starred in Scary Movie
  • Denise Richards appeared in Love Actually as "Carla, the real friendly one"
  • Shannon Elizabeth appeared in Love Actually as "Harriet, the sexy one"
  • Denise Richards revealed her huge breasts in Wild Things
  • Shannon Elizabeth revealed her huge breasts in American Pie
  • Denise Richards was the token white woman in Undercover Brother
  • Shannon Elizabeth was the token white woman in Johnson Family Vacation
  • Denise Richards was in a James Bond movie
  • Shannon Elizabeth provided a voice for a James Bond video game
  • Denise Richards married a famous actor… Charlie Sheen
  • Shannon Elizabeth… married an actor too
  • Denise Richards gets rid of her famous husband
  • Shannon Elizabeth also gets rid of her… husband

The similarities are shocking! And, with the sole exception of Scary Movie, Shannon is doing everything AFTER Denise does it. So that begs us to ask the question: Do we really need both of them? Are two hot actresses better than one? And most importantly, are four tremendous breasts better than two? Hmm. That’s a tough one. I think I’ll let you answer that question on your own.

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