Possible Reasons why MJ was Late for Court Today



  1. He couldn’t find his *favorite* blue pajama pants
  2. Because Just One of the Guys was on Comedy Central again
  3. He wanted to spend some time working on new "Got milk?" jokes
  4. His personal umbrella holder’s arm fell asleep
  5. Because he hasn’t done anything crazy in weeks!
  6. There was a long line at the Taco Bell drive-thru, but he’s gots to gets his Baja Steak Chalupas before a long day of court
  7. Misplaced his nose
  8. Had a hard time deciding which pair of sandals makes him look "less pedophile-y"
  9. He got caught up watching his TIVO’d E! re-enactments of his trial
  10. It’s easier to oversleep when there aren’t any little kids waking you up every five minutes
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