Salma Wantsa Osca


Salma Hayek is set to play a fat, sex-mad, psychopathic serial killer in a new movie, "Lonely Hearts."


Why don’t they just send Salma the Best Actress Oscar now? This has all the makings of a shoo-in.   

  • Overweight
  • Serial Killer
  • Based on a true story

The only way Salma could be a bigger lock was if she could somehow find a way to make her character mentally retarded as well. Do you think when Charlize Theron found out about this she just stood up and yelled, "Oh, that’s BS! That’s not even original! I hope she doesn’t look uglier than I did in my overweight serial killer role!"

I really don’t like this trend. Charlize Theron won for being scary looking. Hilary Swank won and she is scary looking… can’t we just start awarding actresses for looking hot? Why not? Academy Award Winner Elisha Cuthbert has a nice ring to it, no?

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