Gayest Idol Ever


Seacrest_1Have you ever watched American Idol and thought, "Hmm, I really love this show. But the only thing it’s missing is some hardcore gay sex!" Well, apparently the makers of American Porn Star did.

Yes, now there’s an American Porn Star, a gay porn rip-off of the popular Fox show. American Porn Star is similar to Idol in several ways (and no, they both don’t feature Clay Aiken.) Porn Star is a "talent competition" however there isn’t any singing going on. Oh, the contestants are still using their mouths, but not to belt out songs.

American Porn Star is hosted by Jason Sechrest, who looks just like Ryan Seacrest. The biggest difference is one of them acts gay, while the other one is Ryan Seacrest.

The attorney who represents American Idol said, "The value of the American Idol look is something that we cannot allow to get tarnished." And then added, "That’s why we fired Brian Dunkleman."

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