Brittany by a nose


Hey, today we’re going to go with a Brittany story… not a Britney story, so you can stop holding your breath now.


So by now everybody knows Brittany Murphy. She played a hot psycho chick in Don’t Say a Word, a hot newlywed chick in Just Married, and a hot skanky chick in 8 Mile. And according to her IMDB profile, she also starred in Little Black Book and Uptown Girls, which apparently are movies. Insane!

But long before Brittany was the "hot ______ chick," she was the "Ugly Girl in Clueless." Remember that? What a long way she’s come.

Anyway, B-Murph INSISTS that she has never gotten plastic surgery. She swears that a "series of accidents" have led to her appearance changing over the years. She allegedly broke her nose 3 times and never got it fixed, and that’s what led to the improvement. Ummm. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I don’t know if I buy it. How can somebody break their nose 3 times and get hotter? Does that actually work? If so, I know a lot of girls that should take up boxing, and FAST.

If this becomes the new trend in Hollywood, there are a list of celebrities that I would love to see take one in the kisser.  Please, let me volunteer to help make them more beautiful. Please?

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