Sarah_jessica_parker Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts. We’re poised for the greatest girl-on-girl fight since Lohan and Duff battled it out for Nick Carter’s little brother.  An old (and I mean old) pro, Sarah Jessica Parker, is ready to throw down with a hot up and comer– Joss Stone. Is it over a boy? Nope. Better. It’s over The Gap.

See, Sarah Jessica is a little upset that the young British singer is replacing her as the spokesperson for The Gap. In fact, one of Sarah Jessica’s "people" had this to say: "Joss is not only a teenager, she’s also a virtual unknown. Had her replacement been a big star, perhaps Sarah wouldn’t have minded so much."

Ouch. Now, Joss hasn’t responded yet, but here are a couple of comebacks she could use:

  • "I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was too busy counting all of the money The Gap is paying me now instead of you."
  • "I guess The Gap finally noticed The Gap between your age and the age of their target demo, Sarah."
  • "Sorry, America. I guess Sarah’s going to have to go back to acting now. My bad."
  • "Don’t let it get you down, Sarah. Old Navy is always looking for fresh new faces."

C’mon Joss, the ball is in your court now. Make VH1 proud!

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