Paris, meet Pimp Juice


So there’s some crazy guy nicknamed "Pimp Juice" currently serving time on Rikers Island because he was running a Manhattan call-girl ring. This 37-year-old porn king was raking in $3.6 million a year when he was busted for promoting prostitution, money laundering, and falsifying business records.

Paris250_250 Anyway, since he’s been locked up he hasn’t stopped talking. In fact, just the other day he called Page 6 from the psychiatric ward and this is what he had to say:

"I could get $250,000 an hour for Paris Hilton with a four-hour minimum. I’m that good at what I do, and I have a feeling so is she. Do I think she’ll take my offer seriously? Absolutely… Four hours a week of her time would gross $52 million this year and immediately spread her legend beyond Marilyn Monroe’s proportions. So Paris, how about it? I dare you to contact my lawyer Mel Sachs to get the ball rolling."

So a million bucks for 4 Hours in Paris? For those of us who have seen her video with Rick Solomon, I’m not sure that that’s exactly money well spent. I wonder what you get for $1 million. If I was going to part with that kind of money I’d work Paris hard– make her paint my house, bake me cookies, detail my car… the list goes on and on.

I wonder what "Pimp Juice" would ask for other celebrities. I’m sure he could probably get $1 million for 4-hours with Lindsay Lohan too, and maybe Pamela Anderson. But what’s the going rate for celebrities that could actually use the money? Like Anna Nicole Smith? Or any of the girls from Just the 10 of Us? Or Rosie O’Donnell?

I mean, I just want to know because I’m… curious… Yeah, that’s it. I’m curious. Yep. Mmm hmmm. (i hope they believe me…)

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