the good, the bad, and the dirrrty


Christina Aguilera’s Sketchers ads were voted the Worst advertisements of the year by The Advertising Women of New York at their "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" awards.  Let’s take a quick look at these "bad"" ads, shall we?



Here’s my question: If these are the worst, then what are the best? I can’t imagine a better possible advertisement for… hmm… what exactly is she advertising in these? Let me see. Hmm. Fishnet stockings? No. Um, handcuffs? I don’t think so. Maybe the first one is a pharmaceutical ad? Well, probably not. Ah, who cares what they’re for, these are great!*

*We apologize. The author of this post is a 20 something year old guy, please don’t hold that against him.Thank you.

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