The Top 10 Best Things About Britney & Kevin Having a Baby



  1. Frito-Lay stock is going to shoot up. Britney is eating Cheetos for 2!
  2. Now all Kevin needs is an Asian kid, a Hispanic kid, and a Middle Eastern kid to complete the cycle! Keep up the good work dude!
  3. Being pregnant will finally motivate Britney to stop smoking… in public.
  4. Now Kevin can start saying "We’re pregnant," to make it sound like he’s actually doing something for once.
  5. At last, Britney won’t be the only one at her five-year high school reunion in Louisiana without a kid.
  6. Kevin can finally rub Britney’s stomach and use his "Girl, You got Served" joke that used to crack Shar Jackson up all the time.
  7. Being a mother, Britney will have a whole new subject to lip-sync about.
  8. Kevin will finally have someone to hang out with while laying around and doing nothing.
  9. At least the Spears/Federline kid will know one thing– how to dance. And… that’s probably it.
  10. Britney and Kevin will get to name the baby all by themselves. And we’re talking about a girl who named her dogs Bit Bit and Lacy Loo, so the possibilities are endless!
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