O-Ryan’s Star



Ryan Seacrest was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. And judging by the picture, immediately after he received it Simon Cowell strangled him to death. (but honestly, can you blame him?)

Well, it’s nice to see that Hollywood doesn’t let just anybody get a star. I thought they had lowered the bar when they awarded stars to Godzilla and Chewbacca, so it’s nice to see that it’s been raised to that esteemed "Seacrest-Level" of celebrity. Who’s next, Brian Dunkleman?

I just hope this doesn’t become a trend awarding stars to reality TV show hosts. I’d hate to walk through Hollywood and see a star for Seacrest followed by one for Roger Lodge and then one for "The Guy Who Hosts ‘Cheaters.’" Let’s stop before it’s too late. I’m proposing Seacrest, Out.

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