eva long-oria


We get it Eva, you like to get it on.


First you tell the press that the best sex you ever had was with your vibrator…

Then you walk around wearing a T-shirt that says "I’ll have your baby, Brad"…

Then you describe a girl-on-girl kiss to Esquire magazine…

Now, you reveal in an interview that you didn’t have your first orgasm until you were 26.

Note to Eva: You don’t have to tell us everything about your sex life. Some stuff is better left to the imagination. And believe me, when it comes to thinking about you, guys LOVE imagining things. Trust me.

But who am I to complain? I’m just grateful that Felicity Huffman isn’t the one talking about her sex life. I know all I need to know about her husband William H. Macy thanks to his full frontal scene in "The Cooler."  Definitely not hot. Get it?

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