Oops, She did it again


Britney_spears_2Ladies and gentleman, it looks like we officially have a brand new Britney on our hands. Not too long ago she was singing lyrics like:

"I’m not that innocent." (Oops, I Did it Again)

"I’m a slave for you." (I’m A Slave 4 U)

"Intoxicate me now, with your lovin now." (Toxic)

Now that she’s married… and pregnant… she’s singing a different tune. Check out these quotes from a recent interview.

"I think I’ll always have a weight problem."

"I see my imperfections, I see my flaws, I just don’t care."

"After I got married I was one of those people who let themselves go a little bit."

It sounds like it’s only a matter of time before she releases a song called, "I’m Not an L, Not Yet An XL."

Hey, in my personal opinion, if Britney wants to let herself go she should go right ahead. She’s given adolescent boys and dirty old men more than enough mental images to last a lifetime, why shouldn’t she indulge a little bit?

Go for it Britney. And next time you’re at a drive-thru with your husband Kevin, make sure you supersize it. For me.

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