britney and kevin count to 10


Britney and her second husband Kevin appeared on Letterman last night to promote their new television clusterf— show "Chaotic." Here are their Top 10 Reasons to Watch.


10. Britney: There’s never-before-seen footage of me wrestling an alligator.

9. Kevin: Unlike those "Desperate Housewives" chicks, we’re not, like, 60 years old.

8. Britney: It’s like "American Idol" except no one sleeps with Paula Abdul

7. Kevin: In the first episode, you can see my ass.

6. Britney: I’m hot.

5. Kevin: She’s hot.

4. Britney and Kevin: We haven’t had nearly enough media coverage.

3. Britney: It’s gotta be better than this show.

2. Kevin: If enough people tune in, maybe my wife will make out with Madonna again.

1. Britney: In the season finale, you’ll find out that Dave is the father of my baby — oops.

I missed it last night, did any of these things happen? I’d be particularly interested in seeing Brit take on an alligator. At this point I think it’d be a pretty even match.

So what did you guys think of the show? Is it a complete disaster or is it amazing? Or both?

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