getting behind eminem

| has a little report today about Eminem’s new video. They have an interesting way of writing about it, though. Check it out:

Eminem_2 The provocative white rapper has a new video for his song “[three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted] Like That” which features puppets who engage in lesbian activity.

Hmm. Three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted? That sounds like a pretty unorthodox rap title, don’t you think?

If MSNBC really didn’t want to write the word "Ass" I’m sure they could’ve come up with a better term than "Three letter vulgarity for derriere redacted." How about:

  • [Donkey] Like That
  • [What you’re sitting on right now] Like That
  • [J-Lo’s Best Feature] Like That
  • [Charlie O’Connell] Like That
  • [Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Favorite Subject Matter] Like That
  • [Rosie O’Donnell Has a Fat One] Like That
  • [The thing you feel like when somebody catches you voting for the next "American Idol"] Like That
  • [What Eminem’s baggy jeans barely cover] Like That

Wow, all this ass talk has caused me to completely gloss over the fact that his new video features lesbian puppets. Sorry, but after watching the unrated version of "Team America" I don’t think there’s anything puppets can do anymore that will shock me. Better luck next time Em. You [derriere redacted].

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