Episode III Easter Egg Hunt



Fans know well what audiences around the world are discovering: you simply cannot take in all the detail of a Star Wars movie in one sitting. So intricate and meticulous is each shot that every image tells a rich story. In some cases, that story is kind of funny — a cleverly placed nod to audience members who know where to look. For eagle eyed viewers, they’re called Easter Eggs. Sometimes they’re inside jokes. Other times, they’re just interesting details that are very easy to overlook.[Continue Reading…]

A few fans leave their dignity behind and watch the film frame by frame. Wow. To those of you who are pretending to not be interested may find this essay on fictional universes and the fans who rationalize them,"The Science of Consistency" worth reading. Or if words are too difficult for you right now, I suggest you go watch the fan film "Imperial Chopper".

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