Ladies Love Cool Hoff


David Hasselhoff said that he’s tempted to have an affair on a daily basis.


Looking at that picture, now I am too.

In a recent interview, Hasselhoff said, "You can be a diabetic and look at a cake, can’t you? You just can’t eat it." — Which is true. You also can’t f*** it.

He went on. "I’m tempted to stray every day. Come on. I’ve met people and said to them: ‘In a different place, in a different time… I just want you to know that.’ There are so many people in this world you could hook up with."

ESPECIALLY when you’re big in Germany.

David should have stopped talking right after the cake metaphor. Haven’t all the years lifeguarding and driving around in talking cars taught him anything? His wife is going to kill him.

Good thing he’s not diabetic. This man is going to need some cake, pronto.

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