Afternoon Quick Links – Witches, Time Travelers, Silk Panties…Oh My!



Wiccans protest "Samantha Statue" in Salem because they believe that both the show "Bewitched" and the main character mock their existence. I don’t know about you guys but if some "witches" started making threats to me, I’d do whatever they told me too. I mean, have you SEEN the movie "The Craft"?

Brad Pitt desires time travel which leads me to believe that this Angelina Jolie love affair is a rumor because no man in their right mind would insinuate that he should go back to Jennifer Aniston. Unless of course he wants to travel back in time to be with Angelina over and over and over again. That makes more sense.

Michael Jackson thinks people want his money...and yeah, he’s pretty much right. I also want one of his llamas… and a ride on his ferris wheel.

Madonna loses her panties? Quite honestly I’m not sure what this link is about. I just saw the words "Madonna" then "Panties" followed by "1998" and "Private Eyes" and threw up a little bit in my mouth.

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