Morning Quick Hits: Clones and Chicken Curry


Jennifer Ainston
has replaced all her lingerie that remind her of Brad. New love life – new underwear. I see nothing strange about this article other than this fact made the headlines this morning.

Scarlett Johansson wants to clone herself. You heard me. She wants to clone herself a new best friend: "It would be my special friend. It would also be great because I could send it to the gym instead of me." Sssh. Scarlet, you had us at "special friend".  All we wanted to hear after those words are something to the extent of  "I would totally place mirrors around my bedroom and make out with myself."

Sylvester Stallone is coming back to a theater and in what some might say is his best role ever, Rambo IV. It’s a good way to kill time until Rocky VI.

Kevin Spacey is set to get his reality tv on. They’ve officially run out of amateur creepy people, so it was time to go with a pro.

Bo Bice is beating Carrie Underwood in pre-order debut album sales. In other news, there are pre-order album charts?

Miss Beyonce Knowles has been banned from eating chicken curries by her personal trainer. I wasn’t aware you could do that…ban people from food. Well at least not in North America anyway…

Call me crazy but I thought that once you get married and you say your vows it’s pretty much a done deal. Once again, I have been proved wrong as Jessica Simpson and that husband of hers who used to be in that boy band or reality TV show (or something like that) are renewing their wedding vows.

Halle Berry pretends to still ponder her options concerning Hugh Hefner $10 Million dollar Playboy photo-shoot offer. Who can blame her, there are so many questions she would have to ask herself. Like, "would this be as bad for my career as Die Another Day was for meCatwoman    or…or that time I did Gothika?"

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