Real World: Austin– Start Stalking the 7 Strangers


Thanks to the Internet, you can be a stalker in 3 easy steps. First step, go here and find out the details  behind Real World Austin cast members, where you’ll find a list of the bars they have been caught visiting on a regular basis. The list is complete with full addresses and phone numbers so you can call in advance to see if your favorite member is dancing on the bar yet.

The second step is to read these two live journal accounts of "Counselor Shawn" which you can find here and here. 

Finally once you hunt down the cast member’s bar of choice, be sure to thank me when you get yourself invited back to their house. Or you could steal me a towel. Either way, I’ll take what I can get. Oh and be sure to remember to say ‘hi’ to your mom when the camera rolls by.

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