Morning Quick Hits



Russell Crow got all antsy in his pantsy again and threw a phone at a hotel employee. Sadly, he didn’t even have the dignity to give a cheesy movie line like, "It’s for you!" while chucking it. Come on Russ, we expect more from you than that.

Bobby Brown’s prerogative seems to include skipping out on a court date and getting a warrant issued for his arrest. If you don’t think his upcoming reality TV show is going to be the best thing ever, you’re on crack. Or he is. Or both. Probably both.

Brad Pitt had a 14 year old girl break into his hotel room nine years ago to spy on him & Gwyneth. Apparently Gweyneth was just laying there… which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Turns out MTV viewers want movies with skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills… Napoleon Dynamite cleans up at the MTV movie awards. Oh wait, they don’t air until Thursday, right? Umm…. spoiler alert.

Angelina Jolie tells the press that her mother allowed her to live with her lover at the age of 14. See, and she turned out nice and normal, right? Take that Dr. Spock.

From Chapter 6 of my bestselling novel "Things I Would Never Pay $500,000 Dollars For": A nude picture of Kate Moss.

And finally… wait. Hold on one sec. Go back to the Napoleon Dynamite thing. Isn’t Napoleon an MTV Film? I smell scandal!  Developing…

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