Tuesday’s Quick Hits: Catfights & Keanu



I predict two upcoming celebrity cat fights…

Part I: "No way They are not coming to my party" - Lindsay Lohan talking about the Simpson siblings. What started over Wilmer just won’t stop.  Let’s just hope  that Duff doesn’t get involved, because this has to the potential to turn into an all out battle roy-al.

Part II: "I’m not some crazy, Tara Reid-esque party girl. I want to be in this for the long run." -Lindsay Lohan on Tara Reid. I bet Tara would be offended if she wasn’t too out of it to understand.

Stevie Wonder’s wife gave birth to the singer’s 7th child on Wednesday.  The baby boy looks just like Stevie… or at least that’s what they’re telling him.

Victoria Beckham came to the defense of her pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes saying, "It’s for real alright. Tom and Katie were all over each other when we were at his house. They were massively in love by the looks of things.” She added that "all they really wanted was to ziggy-zig-ah," but to the best of her knowledge, 2 did NOT become 1 that night.

Keanu Reeves married in LA? Whoa! Whoa? Whoa….

Britney Spears was reportedly spotted buying infant clothes for a girl. Some people think that means she’s having a girl, while others just look forward to Britney trying to squeeze her ass into them like she used to.

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