Morning Quick Hits: Resistance is futile



Rapper 50 cent wants a piece of Lindsay Lohan. The thought of this sends shivers down my spine, but hey, " black men love" her.

We are the Scientologists. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Tom Cruise has hired a "minder" for Katie Holmes. Hm, I’m still curious as to why anyone would think Scientology is a cult.

Nothing says Republican fundraiser like family values and porn stars. Porn star Mary Carey answers questions Tuesday as she shows off her outfit for the evening’s event at a news conference in Washington. Insert timely "Deep Throat" joke here.


Blizzard Entertainment, creator of great video games such as World of Warcraft are giving away a rare, life-size mannequin of a Night Elf female. As if video game players are not already anti-social enough, why not give ‘em a blow up doll and make it seem totally normal. It should come with 2 years of therapy for free. But hey, at least Blizzard know their market right?

Hilary Duff has a hole in her head. Okay her ear, but it’s a big ol’ hole.

And the truth comes out? Jennifer Aniston wanted Brad Pitt’s babies after all, but he cheated on her with Angelina Jolie. Finally, some closure.

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