Afternoon Linkage: From The Queen to the Playboy King



Queen Latifah is starting her own lingerie line. She’ll serve as the face of "Curvation," while Taxi co-star Jimmy Fallon will serve as the body.

According to this shocking poll, most people think that celebrities make poor role models for children. Russell Crowe and Christian Slater disagree, and swear that they’ll beat & grope the living s*** out of anybody who thinks otherwise.

Joss Stone is fleeing the country. I would totally make a Joss Stone joke here, but I know that if I did some VH1 cronies would rush into my office and break all of my fingers. I’ve seen it happen before.

Could Harrison Ford‘s girlfriend Calista Flockhart be starring in the new Indiana Jones flick? The answer is Yes, but only if they need more skeletons.

And finally, after Hugh Hefner dies (which I’m hoping will be never) he wants the Playboy Mansion to be turned into a tourist attraction. LIke Neverland, only you have to be 21 to enter and the molesting is completely consensual. Usually.

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