Afternoon Linkage: Sometimes You Gotta Make Something Out Of Nothing



Lindsay Lohan throws a temper tantrum at her Herbie premiere over her latest song not getting proper screen time. Meanwhile her uncle has been arrested for $646,900 fraud charges. Celebrity meltdown in…5…4…3…2

George Clooney and Lisa Snowdon have split up. Listen here America, you DO care that they split up. This is HUGE. It’s like the biggest story of the summer. They’re celebrities and HOT and….[fill in the blank] and…and….uh…you just care, OKAY! Stop asking questions and just accept it.

Some prostitute failed to realize that her newest "client" was wearing a police department polo shirt, had a police radio in his car, kept a spare undercover light on the visor and is currently on the Krispy Kreme diet.

Oh wow…That was a hard links post. I had nothing. NOTHING.

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