Rosie Poetry Time: oprah hermes



oprah was turned away
at hermes in paris

gayle said it was really really bad
she used really twice
she saw it – she was there

“Oprah describes it as
one of the most humiliating moments of
her life.”
her being oprah -
and who would know better than gayle
i cannot wait to hear
all the details -
one of the most humiliating moments of her life…
a poor overweight
sexually abused troubled
black child
from a broken home
that oprah
sufferred ONE of the most HUMILIATING momemts of HER life
at hermes in paris


after watching tom on o
and then everywhere else
in the free world
i think i may need to up my meds

shout out to brooke
stand tall girl
u saved a lot of women
by telling ur truth

my tommy needs to breathe
“heart humor and humility
will lighten up your heavy load”
said joni mitchell

I don’t know what’s more amusing, Rosie’s latest poem about Oprah and her "Tommy" or that Rosie still has gushing fans who post on her blog two seconds after she publishes her posts.[link]

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