Morning Quick Hits: Ta Ta Tigger



Disneyland gets blessing of Feng Shui. Uh…I wasn’t aware that was a big deal for corporate amusement parks the size of small African countries. Good to know, I guess. Let’s just hope Goofy doesn’t go and F it all up.

Cable channel for gays and lesbians to debut Thursday.  Big shocker: SpongeBob and Teletubbies not in lineup… yet.

Motley Crue to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There’s no word as to if it’s near the Wild Side or closer to Home Sweet Home.

CNN suggests that "Internet Transforms Modern Life". In other news, beer is good, car accidents are bad.

Years after both are too dead to deny it, author claims that JFK Jr. and Princess Diana had an affair.

Voice of Piglet dies a few days after voice of Tigger dies. Paranoia rises in remaining Pooh friends as death looks to complete trifecta.

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