Ebay Insanity Continues: Angelina Jolie and her son’s half eaten jar of Jif



A friend of mine  works at the Palm Springs Resort Hotel (that shall remain nameless) that Angelina, her son, and Brad were staying a few months ago.  Although Brad had separate quarters, he may have also had himself a PBJ with little Maddox and Angelina .   The employee got this jar of half eaten Creamy Jif Peanut Butter from Angelina’s room.  She asked me to sell  it for her because she cannot be linked to the item or she will be fired.  Sorry, I have no "certificate of authenticity" because it was pilfered. Please don’t email me with smart a$$ comments. People buy fat, ghosts, grilled cheese sandwiches, air, toast with the Virgin Mary’s image, etc…This is no different , really.

US $1,500.00 ? Please…please email her with "smart a$$" comments. Please.[link]

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