Friday Morning Quick Hits: Zombies and Wax are Fantastic!



Scientists create zombie dogs.  Thank God, I can’t see any bad coming out of this one…

Apparently he’s packing more than four: Film-makers felt the need to make Mr. Fantastic’s package a little less fantastic. Meanwhile, the Burger King website is now promoting a Fantastic Four "build your own comic book" online. To pass the time while waiting for the movie release, geeks everywhere are creaming their jeans in their basements.

Madame Tussauds’
will immortalize you in wax for a mere $300,000 and for an extra $10,000 they will give you Mr. Fantastic’s package.

Man pleads guilty to stealing Rod Stewart’s Dodge. In other news, Rod Stewart drives a Dodge. When reached for comment Stewart declared, "I drive a Dodge Stratus! People are scared of me!"

Prince Charles‘ income rose by 11% last year. Blew it on lackeys, flunkeys and marrying a horse.

Someone was stupid enough to pay $350,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffet. Buffet of course plans to discuss the secret to his success. Lesson number one: let’s try not to piss 350,000 dollars away on lunch with an old rich white guy."

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas reportedly got herself engaged. The Black Eyed Peas will perform at the wedding, which I believe is called "foreshadowing."

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