Fabio, After Dark



Listen up men, and listen  up good. If you want to score with the ladies, the special ladies, there’s only one way to go about it. Forget about buying them flowers, chocolates, and expensive 
jewelry… if you want to open the lock to their hearts, then consider 
to be the key. Fabio is a muscular man of mystery. He’s larger
      than life. He can’t believe it’s not butter. He’s one with
. And most
      importantly… he is wise in the ways of the international language of 
love. Sure, you could pick up one of the many, many, many romance  novels that he’s appeared on the cover of…[go now ]

I honestly don’t know where to start. Let’s just say that it’s Fabio‘s album, After Dark.  It’s basically porn music with Fabio talking to you (provided you’re a lady). It’s corny. It’s hilarious. It’s downloadable. It’s about two seconds away from being loaded on to my ipod. I’m a little bit blown away right now as I have been reduced to tears by it’s comedic beauty. I mean first the Fabio cover art discovery and now this.

Life is good.

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