Tuesday Morning Random Video Linkage Time: Safety First



If you watch any of these video links today, be sure to watch this one.  It may be the only ballet I’ve ever enjoyed watching. A man and his machinery is a thing of beauty.


Here lies (what I believe to be) the greatest and perhaps the scariest condom commercial ever made.


Sure, you might not find this video all that amusing but had it been you and your friends in the backyard electrocuting sausages you would think it was pretty frikkin’ awesome too. 


Ahhem. This blog believes in safe sex.  So, you know how I said that Trojan condom commercial was the greatest condom commercial ever… of all time? Well, I think maybe I’ve changed my mind. Those Europeans are so very clever. There is just no stopping them. Watch this condom commercial and then move to Europe for crazy European (protected) sex.

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