Best of Wednesday Linkage



Family Guy:
With Lois in jail, Peter is forced to take over her household duties and a few other classic clips from this season’s Family Guy.


Haven’t had enough of that annoying ‘Crazy Frog’ yet? Try the Crazy Crazy Revolution flash game. It’s that damn frog and dance dance revolution combined.


The following link is a spoiler for "Harry Potter and the half-blood prince" as this guy trys to rain on people’s Potter crazed parade.


Here is a list of banned (and a few that are available on dvd only) Disney cartoons from the past. None of this is new, it’s just interesting to see it all combined in this format. Check it out.


I’ve seen a lot of the Star Wars kid videos but some how I missed "Undercover Star Wars Kid". How it happened, I’m not quite sure.


What Do You Look Like Doing A Jowler?-This site is a place for you to upload and browse a unique type of
photo that we like to call the Jowler. These fun pictures are created
when the subject of a photo shakes their head really fast while the
picture is taken. So, enjoy these unique expressions and if you feel up
to it, take a few of your own and post em up.


A compliation of idiots.


Tired of being a hungry vegan? Or have some of the triple tofu tower! It’s EXTREME!(thnx to Screenhead)

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