John Roberts: NOT related to Julia Roberts


Taking a break from real news (i.e. Jude & Sienna, Pam & Tommy, etc.), we here at BWE decided to check out to find out what’s going on in our country. APPARENTLY our President (not Bill Clinton, I guess there’s a new guy now…when the hell did that happen?) just nominated a guy named John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Eric_roberts_2Now, at first we were excited. Wow! John Roberts! That’s great! We loved him in Best of the Best, and his performance in the Killers video for "Mr. Brightside" is phenomenal. But no, it turns out that that’s ERIC Roberts. John Roberts is some conservative dude who went to Harvard, not the Pope of Grenwich Village. Interesting choice. I think I would have went with Eric.

Over at Tequila Red they have a list of who they think should have been nominated. Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and the Verizon guy, amongst others. All great choices, if you ask me. Check it out here.

If you got to nominate somebody to the Supreme Court, who would you go with? I think I’d pick Gwen Stefani, because we know she ain’t no hollaback girl. And in my humble opinion, the last thing we need in the Supreme Court is another hollaback girl. I mean, enough is enough.

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