Thursday Quick Hits: Pam, Tommy, Carrie, and Chiklis



Jessica Alba has slammed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for using their romance to promote their movies. She then went on to declare that her love for Michael Chiklis is real.

Hilary Duff wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden out of the public eye. She also wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden out of Joel Madden’s eye.

The new Harry Potter book is a hit. Really? I mean, wow. I’m floored. Do we really need somebody to report this?

Grand Theft Auto gets bumped to an "Adults Only" rating and has its hidden sex scene removed from the game.  Meanwhile, all the robbing, beating, and prostitution in Oregon Trail remains untouched.

So now Pam & Tommy aren’t getting married. Sex tape sequel delayed indefinitely.

Carrie Underwood signs on to sing jingles for Hershey. Ruben Studdard whines, "Why does Carrie get all the good deals???" Then adds, "Mmmm, candy."

Jude Law’s ex feels bad for Sienna Miller. Um, why? We all saw what having a cheating British boyfriend does your career. Sienna’s the luckiest girl since Elizabeth Hurley. Enjoy the career, sweetheart!

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