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This Guy Doesn’t Disown His Toyota, and Gets Beaten Up By a Little Girl.

Why can’t our Toyota commercials be this fantastic? Huh? I am going to start a petition, yes..a petition to ensure that our car commercials involve more little girls kicking the crap out of grown men. Mostly because it’s priceless. Sort of like midgets only cuter.

I’m going to make it happen people. Just believe.[link]

Jedi House


In this faux trailer, we see what College life might be like for some
Jedi training at the Academy. From fraternities to parties, and
everything in between, will they be able to graduate in just four
years? Or at all?

Jedi training and fraternities just shouldn’t mix. That’s all I am going to say.[Link]

Daily Blog Plug: Overheard in the Office


Guy #1: Is this a picture of your daughter?
Guy #2: Yeah. She’s really starting to fill out.

1501 E. Woodfield Road
Schaumburg, Illinois

In case you haven’t already bookmarked Overheard in the Office, I suggest you do so. It’s by the same people who brought you Overheard in New York, which to this day I believe is the greatest site in existence.[Link]

Strangest wrestlers from the eighties


Wrestling has been around for a very long time but the eighties really
elevated the sport into the mainstream category. 1984 was the birth
year of the annual wrestling Superbowl called Wrestlemania and launched
the career of guys like Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy. These wrestlers
were pretty normal however. They just acted like wrestlers. You may
think that’s normal, but in wrestling, almost nothing is normal. See,
every wrestler has to have a gimmick which separates him from the rest
of the bunch….

Wrestling will never be that amazing again. Ever. That hurts a little bit, deep down inside…[Link]

Smurf Yeah!


This following link is more smurf than you can probably handle. Smurf on.[link]

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