Monday Morning Quick Hits



Charlotte Church is the latest star to fall for Scientology. Edna Garrett always seemed so wise, too…

Brad and Angelina to wed in September. Plan to adopt all of Africa soon after.

Ricky Martin wants to end Arab stereotypes. Ironically, Arabs want to end Ricky Martin.

Many war veterans think the "Wedding Crashers" website isn’t funny. The world takes note. Next up: their opinion on farts.

All my Cyberpunk fiction fueled nightmares are coming true: it’s raining ads.

Huey Lewis is set to join the cast of "Chicago." And the news? They’re still unemployed.

The scientist who found a link between smoking and lung cancer died Sunday, at the age of 92. Investigators suspect foul play… or the fact that he was 92.

Maytag hesitant to let Whirlpool see its books. Critics deny money laundering may be involved. *zing!*

Bill Gates continues to strive for global dominance as Microsoft takes on the world with their own version of Earth. Think Google maps only more suckage. On a serious note though, while I’m still a google maps fan, you have to admit the click and drag compass feature is a pretty nice touch. *cough* Microsoft sucks *cough.* what?    what?

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