Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Sienna Miller finally dumps Jude Law, conveniently forgetting that he cheated on his former wife with her.

Oscar voters get an extra week to deliberate. This is not expected to help the Fantastic Four‘s chances at all.

Kate Moss has been spotted with Johnny Knoxville. I guess when your last boyfriend was a heroin-addicted rock star the guy from Jackass actually looks kind of stable.

Jessica Alba was a frail, asthmatic, obsessive compulsive child with throat cysts. I’d still hit it.

Tom & Katie are about to get some company. Nicole Kidman is moving to Beverly Hills to be near her ex-husband. And to give Katie career— I mean, marriage— advice.

Doonesbury does something and some people get upset. I think. I have no clue. Doonesbury is so boring I can’t even read something about Doonesbury.

Liz Phair announces the release date of her upcoming album/disaster. It drops on October 4, and it’s called "Somebody’s Miracle." And it will be a miracle if anybody buys it.

Sydney Bristow: Pregnant. Jennifer Garner to be a pregnant spy on Alias. Because even Marshall couldn’t figure out a way to cover this one up.

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