Date Him Natalie!



Date Me Natalie is a site run by a man who wants nothing more in life but a single date with Sen. Padmé Amidala. Why post it? Because you’ll probably get a chance to see him weep in front of Ms. Portman one day soon as he is making the interview rounds as of late.

"I’m asking for one date with Natalie Portman. I’m not asking to marry
her. I’m not asking for a week’s vacation with her. I’m not asking to
exchange love letters with her. I want one conversation with her, in
person. I’ve decided to ask for this through a website presenting my
argument about why I feel this is worth Natalie’s time."

Natalie. Use your stunt double again. I wont tell. The empire and your secret will be safe with me. I pinky swear. If not for his happiness do it for our entertainment.[link]

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