Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Music video for the new "Rent" movie.  Just like the trailer, all gay content  removed.

Jessica Simpson states: "That’s my butt. I worked hard for it. I was sore for it every day." Echoes sentiments of every male in 18-35 age group stating their right hand is just as sore.

John Mayer finally admits he doesn’t know how to write songs, asks his fans to do it for him.

Lindsay Lohan: "I’m working out with a trainer and eating healthily. I want my boobs back." Everyone else: We want your boobs back too.

Chappelle’s Show is "Done" says Charlie Murphy. Millions of unoriginal fratboys ponder where they’ll go to steal jokes from next.

"If things go well, I’m gonna show her my K’O’ face." Is Mike Tyson to star in a porn film opposite Jenna Jameson? Experts predict he’ll take a pounding.

A new blog is created every second. That means since you read that sentence, three lonely midwestern teenagers wrote about the craaaaaaazy things that happened to them at school today.

Secret diary of Paula Hitler(Adolf’s sister) reveals wacky dysfunctional family life of future crazed genocidist. Soon to be a sitcom starring Ray Romano.

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