Monday Moring Quick hits



ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings has passed away due to lung cancer.

Kevin Costner
wants to make "The Bodyguard" sequel with Jessica Simpson. In related news "sequel" is code for "have sexual relations with".

Old and busted: The Vagina Monologues.  Up and coming: The Holy Phallus.

Mel Gibson asked to give Aussie children nightmares by staging crucifxion on World Youth Day.

shot in leg
while attempting to photograph Britney’s baby shower. In a
related story, all them years Cletus spend possum huntin’ finally pay

The cheerleaders put their skills to work with the help of Kimmie Gibler.

Tonight Ricky Williams will be as close to the NFL Hall of Fame as he’ll ever be.

"I want halllllffff Eddie!": Oomfufu files for divorce.

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