A stripper’s apology to Matty..err… Matt LeBlanc


So perhaps you read Matt LeBlanc‘s apology to his wife and daughter concerning his recent visit to a strip club but have you read the stripper’s apologetic letter to Matt? Didn’t think so…


Dear Matty,

I just wanted to send you a formal apology for making that horrible assumption that a man in a strip club wanted to see my naked body. My bad.  I’m so-so-SO-sorry I continued doing my job when you arrived on the scene and made matters worse by rubbing my girly parts all over your body.

I mean, you’re absolutely right. I was WAY OUT LINE. Taking advantage of a client who is paying good money to look at my superior dancing skills and stripping techniques shouldn’t feel like a victim. You know, unless they wanted to feel like a victim…because I can do that too…for a small fee of course. *tee hee* But I’m getting off topic. I just wanted to apologize and thank you for being such a good sport about the whole thing. I mean, you didn’t even want to be at the club, yet you didn’t want to hurt my feelings so you continued to make me feel special by stuffing 100 dollar bills into my g-string. Wow. Just wow.  Your wife is a lucky woman. Once again, I am sincerely sorry for putting you in such an awkward position. My bad.

Anyyyyywhoooo, no hard feelings and if you do ever decide to come back to the VIP room, I promise to make it up to you with a free lap dance and happy ending, for both you and your wife.



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