Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits




Oliver Stone says the pot belonged to a Cuban hired by the CIA.

Da Vinci Code
movie to omit references to religion. Will end up being "a great car chase movie."

Study shows 1 in 25 of fathers are not the biological parent of "his" child. Insert red-headed stepchild joke here.

Hollywood just now beginning to acknowledge 9/11. Apparently it takes four years for news to travel 3,000 miles.

Robert Evans forgotten Hollywood Rule #1: Always marry someone younger than half your age.

Physics teacher uses extraordinary tactics to open his students’ minds. Refreshingly, sex isn’t one of them.

Heidi Klum to host German version of Next Top Model. "Your currywursts are nice, but you need to shake your schnitzel more".

3 crooks nabbed while sleeping in car at intersection. Found with guns
on their laps, drugs and cash in the car. Complain their mothers never
told them to get a good night’s sleep.

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