Friday Morning Quick Hits



Steve Carell relieved to finally break out of his "idiot newscaster" typecast. Oh yeah? Well…

                                …  I love lamp?

Microsoft sees three "critical" security flaws, which most fourteen year-old hackers knew about months ago.

College students get their own ‘Deliverance’ experience on float trip.  The banjo music should have warned them.

Jennifer Lopez blames media for lame roles in movies; complete lack of talent apparently not good enough reason.

get to keep $98K they found in field. Parents ruin the happiest moment
of their kids lives by saying it is to be used for college.

Keira Knightley lists a few things she looks for in a man. Gentlemen, the way to Keira’s heart is having "good shoes", you don’t even have to be good looking.  This announcement was sponsored by Nike. Just do it.

French psychic leaves crystal ball in window. Sunlight hits crystal
ball, starts fire, burns down apartment. How did he not see that coming?


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