Monday Afternoon Quick Hits: The Last of The Famous International Playboys



is going to co-host New Years Eve bash with Dick Clark.
Appropriate, since Seacrest’s balls haven’t dropped yet either.

"Sex & The City" creator, author collaborating on similar new
project featuring older people
; thankfully the words "Bea" and "Arthur"
do not appear in link.

Demi calls Ashton her "soul mate."  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

New Kevin Bacon film featuring threesomes and lesbian scenes may get NC-17 rating for "too many thrusts". BLT: Bacon, Lesbian and Threesome sandwich anyone?

Morrissey’s Hollywood home available for $2 million. Heaven knows he’s miserable now.

Hugh Jackman
turns down three picture deal to be the new James Bond,
because his wife said so. In other news, he has officially changed his
named to *Wa-tsssh* or however you spell the sound of a whip cracking.

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