Thursday Morning Quick Hits




Diva Steven Cojocaru needs another kidney after it was discovered the
first transplanted one didn’t match his Fendi man-purse.

Cameron Diaz Likes Sex With Her Clothes On. Men everywhere respond with "Whatever you say Cameron Diaz, we are men. Our Imagination will do us just fine". Thanks for coming out Diaz, these silly men aren’t going to let you off the hook that easily.

Adam Guettel and screenwriter William Goldman will collaborate on a
musical version
or the hit fairy tale film "The Princess Bride"? INCONCEIVABLE!

Fake lesbians TATU to release new record. Fans who pretended to like their music suddenly not interested.

British model Kelly Brook tells us how she stays in shape with sex and ‘No’ you can not work out with her. 

Eva Longoria hit by a pole. Sometimes these headlines just write themselves.

Wanted women to date guys in isolated British moor town. Must like
farming, hills and men with a suspicious affection for sheep.

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