Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



The 10 most embarrassing sex scenes.  Yours didn’t make the list because it was just creepy and awkward.

Carlos Santana likes to "calibrate" his personal assistants, if you know what I mean.

British royalty not amused by soft-core porn movie that features Princess Margaret blowing something other than her royal stipend.

French company selling books out of vending machines.  Snickers expected to be bestseller.

names wine after hurricanes. I hear it really blows. hardy har har….

Jennifer Aniston
invites none of you to the pants party.

Dear Ford employees, the high price of fuel for my yacht has prompted
more layoffs than originally planned. Sincerely, Elena Ford.

Snoop Dogg building successful youth football league in Southern California. Gives kids hope of being the next Randy Moss.

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